Scots Pine & Purple Heather

I feel like its been ages since I posted anything, last time I was out was when I was in Tuscany at the beginning of June, the long summer days put paid to me getting out with the camera, too tired to go out after work and the weekend weather hasn't been all that great (Excuses Excuses, I know).

Motivation just now is non existent, I just don't feel the urge to get out and get cracking, maybe (hopefully) things will start to change as the summer comes to an end and we start heading into Autumn. I just feel so lethargic just now, my back was aching today carrying the camera because it has been so long and my body isn't used to it anymore.

Need the exercise so I will have to push myself and get back into it again, inspiration is the key.


Nikon D800

Nikon AFS 16-35 F/4.0 @ 19mm

ISO 100 /  100th Sec / F/11

Lee 2 x Stop Soft Grad